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  • Remodeling Rate Structure For the Future
    We have made a lot of changes to our industry leading Hundredweight minimum structure over the years. 2016 will be no different. Coming in the next few months:
    - Our two zone minimum structure will expand to four. Shorter haul zone one and zone two will both be reduced from their current level
    - Reduced dim factor which will enable further reduction in hundredweight minimums and increased discounts for heavier, denser shipments
    - Hundredweight minimums expanded to 1000 pounds from their current 500 pound cap. Shipments weighing over 500 pounds will, in most cases, receive reduced rates
    Stay tuned as we put the finishing touches on these new changes. Our goal is to be your go to carrier for your light to mid-range LTL shipments in the Northwest.

  • Quality, Service, Safety
    Complementing the changes noted above is our commitment to be the fastest and most dependable overnight carrier in the Northwest. We have some exciting new changes planned in the New Year. Our programmers are nearing completion on our paperless delivery receipt initiative and this will improve information flow to you yet again. Also, our Real-Time ETA tracking system is now 100% rolled out to all service centers and operating well. Our firm belief is that the information is as important as the freight itself.

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